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Structural Rate

A guide on providing technical requirements for structural drawings/design:
Here is what is needed from the client:

1. To provide a list of requirements including the following information: a type of the building or the structure, joints or components which are to be calculated, specific loadings and forces, legal information on the object, number of stories in a building, phase of a project, the client (optional), scope of work from the General Contractor, additional requirements and descriptions
2. To provide drawings, full set, sketches, CAD files
3. To be as specific as possible and include the important information.

Here is what is needed from the responsible party:
1. To provide the scope of work with the detailed clarification and list work plan based on the requirements provided by the client
2. To evaluate the structure, components, details and clarify any questions
3. To put down the offer with the price according to project goals
4. To provide conceptual design (upon signing the offer).
We reserve the right to refuse the work not specified in the technical requirement from the client.

Here is what is needed from both parties:
1. To thoroughly check the provided information and make sure the goals are in line with the requirements
2. To clarify any questions
3. To reduce the number of discrepancies that may arise if requirements are changed.
While working on a project changes can be made to the work plan and an additional offer can be provided based on the changes. Also, the Responsible Party can ask a Client any questions that may arise when working on the project.

The final results that are to be provided will include the following (based on what is included in the scope of work):
1. Structural Set (no stamp)
2. Structural Drawings, Plan or Detail (no stamp)
3. 3D Model (if required) (no stamp)
4. Design Report with inclusion (no stamp)

Our prices for Structural Services:
Design services (hourly) = $50.00 per hour
Structural services (hourly) = $35.00-$40.00 per hour

We also accept project-based pricing. If you are interested in other services that we provide please go to the Services tab on our website to learn more.